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Residential Solar Financing

Solar System Financing Solutions That Suit
Your Budget and Needs

Since 2016, Heliogold has assisted well over 3000 customers in making the smart choice into transitioning into solar and taking back control of their energy. After the laws changed in April 2023, so have our recommendations for solar. Heliogold knows every client has a certain budget and different needs than others, which is why we offer a variety of payment options to suit every situation. These include:




Prepaid PPA

Cash –  Traditionally, it has been the fastest return on investment as owners are eligible for the 30% tax credit on the entire system, including the battery. Owning a solar system allows the most flexibility with the system long term but it is important to understand what is covered under manufacturer warranties as the homeowner is ultimately responsible for their system. SunPower’s complete confidence warranty covers parts, labor and shipping for 25 years for every product installed on your roof. This leaves the battery and monitoring hardware for 10 years. 

Financing – Over time, this method has been proven to be the easiest way to go solar as you are able to go solar with no money down and you are eligible for the 30% tax credit. This allows most homeowner’s to lower their average monthly electric bill from day 1. However with interest rates as well as financing fees increasing, many homeowners are looking at other ways to go solar, while locking in a low monthly payment. 

PPA – Historically PPAs were more popular in the earlier days of solar, when costs were higher and warranties were not as inclusive for ownership. With the change in the solar billing structure (Net Billing), it is highly advised to include a battery on most solar systems to maximize savings. However the warranties are less than half the time on batteries and they are easily one of the most expensive products to install and maintain. Because of this, Sun Power has revamped their PPA’s to include 25 years on the entire system, including the battery! This allows a homeowner to lock in a lower monthly electric bill, while having all warranty costs covered by SunPower. 

Prepaid PPA – For those who want to enjoy the peace of mind from a PPA/service agreement, but do not want future payments. SunPower allows you to prepaid your PPA schedule to lock in more savings, essentially giving you similar savings to the tax credit for ownership, while maintaining your 25 years of service.