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Residential Solar Financing

Solar System Financing Solutions That Suit
Your Budget and Needs

We have well over 3000 Solar Customers in Southern California at Heliogold Solar. Heliogold knows every client has a certain budget and different needs than others, which is why we offer a variety of payment options to suit every situation. These include:


The least expensive way to produce energy for your home, and it comes with a 26% Federal Tax Credit .


Best way to go solar for 90% of our clients!


Great option if you do not have tax liability!

Solar loans today allow clients to go solar with zero down, and lower their bills considerably. Many people go for a lease or PPA, without looking at much better loan options! Typically, if you pay any federal taxes, the best way to replace your electric bill with a small payment is with a loan, NOT a PPA or Lease. Like a PPA or Lease, most loans are secured with a UCC-1 Filling. That is not a lein on the house, but an interest in the solar system itself. 

APR’s range from .99% -6.99% depending on length of loan, transferability (if you sell the home), and your credit. We at Heliogold offer several different loan products for solar system financing, and can help you pick the best one for your family. At Heliogold, We believe you should own your system, as well as all of the power it generates!

PPA’s and leases, the door knockers favorite way to sell solar! You don’t need much knowledge in solar system financing to sell leases or PPA’s, which is why most door knocking companies sell these products. Leases and PPA’s can be a great solution for you to go solar, however many people go with these programs because they are misinformed. 

Many door knockers say leases are not debt, or that they easily transfer if the home is sold, or that you are just switching utility companies. None of these are true, and many times leases and PPA come with escalation clauses. However, if you do not have a tax liability (you pay zero federal taxes), and you have a big electric bill, you may be a candidate for a lease or PPA. The two products are very similar, and each company offers a different variation, but we tend to lean towards leases unless the PPA is a fixed PPA. Please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation if you are considering a lease or PPA. We sell a handful of these per year, when the situation is right.

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