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Heliogold Solar: Net Metering Laws in California

Let’s Talk About The Net Metering Laws

    The net metering laws in California are designed to promote the use of solar power by providing solar customers with a way to offset their energy bills. Under these laws, customers who generate their own electricity through solar panels are able to sell any excess electricity back to their utility company at a rate that is equal to the rate they pay for energy from the grid. This allows solar customers to effectively “net out” their energy usage, and receive bill credits for any excess electricity that they generate. In addition to promoting the use of renewable energy, net metering also provides other benefits to both solar customers and the grid itself. For example, by generating their own power during daytime hours, when demand for electricity is typically highest, solar customers can help to reduce the strain on the grid. This can lead to lower energy prices for all customers, as well as improved grid reliability. Despite these benefits, not all states have adopted net metering laws. As a result, solar customers in some states may not be able to take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity. If you are considering installing solar panels, it is important to check with your state’s utility commission to learn more about net metering laws in your area. Sources: 1) “Net Metering.” U.S. Department of Energy. Accessed March 7, 2016. See more… 2) “What Is Net Metering, and How Does It Work?” Solar Energy Industries Association. Accessed March 7, 2016. See more… 3) “What is Net Metering?” California Solar Energy Industries Association. Accessed March 7, 2016. See more… 4) “Net Metering.” Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Accessed March 7, 2016. 5) “Net Metering.” National Conference of State Legislatures. Accessed March 7, 2016. See more… Do you have questions about solar for your home? Are you ready to make a positive switch and save on electricity costs? Heliogold is ready to help you on the path to efficient power and long term savings. Contact us today and we will happily address all of your questions!