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How Solar Works

Once you go solar you’ll no longer pay for energy once a month. Your solar system will generate enough energy during the day time to cover your energy needs for the whole year.

We know the sun doesn’t shine all the time. The beauty of our net metering laws in California is they allow us to hook into our local energy grid. The extra energy our solar system produces during the day is then saved with our meter rolling backwards with energy credits that we can then use when the sun isn’t shining!

Currently our meter accounts get filled at the same ratio the local energy company would charge us for the energy. They are trying to change these net metering laws which means there’s never a better time to get grandfathered in than now!

Heliogold Solar | San Diego'S Leading Sunpower Solar Dealer | How Solar Works
Heliogold Solar | San Diego'S Leading Sunpower Solar Dealer | How Solar Works

Would you love to have a home that is more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than standard premises? Choosing solar energy enables you to tap into renewable energy and reduce your power bills.

With low maintenance costs and easy installation, the solar power energy solutions that Heliogold offers including leading SunPower products that harness valuable energy and optimizes excess energy stores to be used when needed. 

System Components

The important thing we want to emphasize here is all the components typically come with a different manufacturer for each one while SunPower is the only company that makes all their own system components.

Modules (panels): The most important consideration here is breakdown rate, efficiency and degradation.

Inverters– String Inverter: Aesthetically terrible, inefficient, like Christmas lights if one panel goes down your whole system goes down, if you panel is shaded 15% your whole system is shaded 15%, you lose energy as you go from one end of the string back to the inverter on the side of the house.

Optimizers: Same as string inverters except you can individually monitor each panels production. However, you still have the same issues a string inverter has.

Micro-Inverters: The best technology which maximizes the efficiency and should an inverter go down at some point, the rest of your system is still up and working.

Heliogold Solar | San Diego'S Leading Sunpower Solar Dealer | How Solar Works

Leading SunPower Technology

At Heliogold, we proudly use SunPower solar energy solutions that are designed for efficient energy generation and optimal use. Unlike conventional solar providers, our SunPower systems are the most efficient on the planet, degrade the slowest and come with an industry leading 25 year Complete Confidence Warranty all backed by SunPower.

Financing Solutions That Suit
Your Budget and Needs

We know every client has a certain budget and different needs than others, which is why we offer a variety of payment options to suit every situation. These include:


The least expensive way to produce energy for your home and it comes with a 26% Federal Tax Credit .


With no money down you can own your system. All the energy produced comes free of charge from Earth’s greatest strength, the sun. Loan APR’s range from 0.99%-5.99% and can be approved with credit scores above 580. The best part of the loan is you also qualify for the 26% federal tax credit which means cash in your pocket for going solar .


With no cost to you , SunPower will cover the costs to install a solar system on your roof. You’ll then pay SunPower instead of your local energy company for the power your home requires at a fraction of the cost (usually 30-50% less) you were paying your utility company.

Contact us today and let us know which option would best suit your situation – we will ensure that you have the flexibility to easily get your solar power energy solution!

Important Information on Warranties

Warranties are paramount considerations when considering the longevity of solar energy solutions. Investing in these units need to make as much financial sense as it makes practical sense, as you need to ensure that your units will over durability and won’t need to be replaced often.

At Heliogold, our SunPower units come with a 25 year, industry-leading warranties. We pride ourselves on offering repair services free of charge, covering any rust damage costs and being part of looking after your whole solar energy system.

Helpful Videos About Solar Energy Solutions

Want to find out more about solar panels, strength and more? Have a look below at our helpful videos:

Solar Panel Break Test

When solar panels sit in the sun, they expand and contract every day creating little cracks in the cells. Over time, power production degrades because of these cracks. Choose quality over price and it will save you in the long run.

Solar Strength Test

We often get asked if the solar panels can withstand hail, baseballs, golf balls, or a falling tree. Every solar panel we carry has been put through similar rigorous testing.

SunPower Equinox

This is the newest, most sophisticated, and very exciting solar system on the market. Not only is SunPower ranked as the most efficient panel in the world, but the new Equinox system also allows you to monitor your power production as well as your consumption on one simple app.

Invisimount Racking

The solar panel racking system is more about aesthetics than anything. We think the kind you can’t see, is the best.