Solar Rights Battle in California

California’s solar energy landscape is facing a major showdown. Utilities have long tried to restrict homeowners from using solar power, and now they’re targeting renters, farmers, and schools. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is pushing a rule change that would block these properties from using their rooftop solar directly, forcing them to buy it back at full price from utilities.


Critics call this a “property seizure,” arguing it goes against the very purpose of solar energy. Opposition is strong, with numerous organizations and individuals sending letters and making calls to protest the CPUC’s proposal. Media attention is growing, adding pressure on Governor Newsom to intervene and protect the solar rights of renters, farmers, and schools. This battle is a pivotal moment in California’s renewable energy journey, with wide-reaching implications for solar access.


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Solar Right In California

California’s High Utility Tax Sparks Controversy

California's High Utility Tax Sparks Controversy

A contentious Utility Tax, mandated by California’s State Legislature, is causing an uproar. Proposed at $400 to $1,500 annually for residential ratepayers, this tax stands far above the national average, impacting millions in apartments, condos, and small homes. The tax, introduced through AB 205 without public input, removed the previous $10 monthly cap and has unlimited growth potential.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently assessing the tax’s final amount, with proposals aiming to make it the nation’s highest. Supporters argue it will reduce bills for low-income individuals and promote electric adoption, but critics question the feasibility of these claims.

Critics worry the tax could exacerbate California’s already high electricity prices without addressing the core issues. In response, Californians are urging their representatives to repeal the tax and are spreading awareness through social media. The CPUC’s final decision is expected in June 2024.


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California'S High Utility Tax Sparks Controversy

California Leads Record U.S. Solar Growth

California Leads the Pack

In 2022, the United States saw a historic surge in small-scale solar capacity, adding 6.4 gigawatts (GW). California takes the lead with 36% of the country’s small-scale solar capacity, driven by sunshine, incentives, and high retail electricity prices. California’s Net Energy Metering Program and solar panel requirements for new construction have further boosted adoption. This trend is not unique to California, as New York and New Jersey also witnessed substantial growth. Hawaii stands out with the highest solar penetration, marking a significant step toward renewable energy targets. Looks like we are on our way to a cleaner and greener future, however there is much more work to be done. 

California Leads The Pack

Solar Power and Batteries: California’s Heatwave Heroes

Heatwave Heroes


According to NBC. California is facing triple-digit temperatures in its inland valleys and deserts, but its energy grid appears well-prepared due to increased reliance on renewable energy and expanded lithium-ion battery storage capacity. 

Solar energy production reached a historic high in May, and the state’s battery storage capacity has nearly doubled since 2022, now making it the largest in the world at 5,600 megawatts. 

Despite the high temperatures, the grid has been operating with a surplus of power this summer, and Californians have been effective in managing electricity use during peak demand. 

However, the California Independent System Operator is asking residents to prepare for possible FlexAlerts during the current heatwave.

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Heatwave Heroes